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The Institute started providing online coaching for students appearing for technical level examinations, starting from the year 2015. Currently, online classes/recorded videos of online classes are offered to subjects CS1A, CS1B, CS2A, CS2B, CM1A, CM1B, CM2A, CM2B, CB1, CB2, CP1, CP2, SP1, SP2, SA2 & SA3. Classes are conducted by expert faculty members have proven records of competency and teaching.

Under the online coaching program, the core concepts and principles in the material along with important past questions are discussed in detail within 30-55 sessions, depending on the volume of the subject which spreads over 2-3 months prior to the examination date; 3-4 sessions of 90 minutes duration each are scheduled in each week with advance notice to participants.

Core concepts are explained in simple terms aligning to practical scenarios and also with support of models and other tools, leads to learning the subject than limiting oneself to the simple coverage of course material for examination purpose. In order to bring in flexibility, the sessions are recorded and made available to all subscribers in their login page which can be utilized repeatedly till the date of examination of each diet. Students are also given access to respective faculty members through mail/ phone call for their clarifying any topic within the context of examination.

Class room

While online classes serve the purpose of detailed study of the subject for those students who take up the subject for the first time, the class room coaching programs offered , not limited to Core Technical level subjects is meant for students who have made unsuccessful attempt/s in the past. For all CT level subjects, a 4-5 day intense class room program is sufficient to cover the course along with familiarizing key examination techniques, hence saving lots of time and effort in comparison with a self -study mode.

The class room is a forum to interact with the expert faculty member without limits. This will also enable participants of the program to connect each other for better preparation and sharing of experiences. The objective of the program is to make students feel confident and comfortable on core areas of course material, leading to command the subject; participants are linked to the exam rehearsal mode after the program, hence need to focus on solving past questions only to become successful.

Hands-on experience programs which are essential for the curriculum and qualification, viz., R- statistical software and MS Excel-financial modeling also an integral part of the class room training.

Announcement Coaching

Online Training

The Institute conduct various capacity building and skill development training programs for their members with an objective to bring in more efficiency levels in the working environment and to widen the areas of expertise. Capacity building and Skill development training programs expected to bring in flexibility and mobility of work force from a function to another. Such programs also extend unlimited opportunities to interact with experts who carry decades of experience. On a wider note, such training programs will also ensure adequate number of trained actuarial resources in the market.For wider participation of members across the Country, all such trainings are conducted as series of webinars.

The IAI identifies core areas where such training programs could bring in value and confidence among both employed and unemployed actuarial professionals which in turn will enrich the profession in a large way. Recently conducted training programs include, R, Python, Machine Learning, IFRS 17, Microsoft Macros and VBA, Valuation of Employee and other benefits and Development of Soft skills.

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