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Members(Active/Inactive/discontinued) may require signed copy of qualification or examination pass history for their record or for submissions to concerned authorities. The "Verification" module within the login page enable an active member to select their requirement and submit application with fee. For inactive members, such requests are to be submitted by e-mail to or

Following candidates and periods are considered for different candidates to apply for obtaining the performance report of examinations passed,

  • active members can apply for subjects passed from year November 2001 to May 2012 only.
  • Inactive/Discontinued members can apply subjects passed from year November 2001 to as on date.

Fee applicable for each subject is Rs.500+ 18% GST.

In cases of Companies/Institutions/Consultants seeking verification of credentials of members, fee of Rs.2000+ 18% GST is Payable along with submission of application and documents below:

  • Candidate's examination performance report
  • A consent letter from the candidate for sharing the required information with the applicant.

The fee paid is non-refundable for any reasons. The applicant to submit the application, documents and fees through Company/ Non-member login by accessing the "verification" module.

Associate & Fellow members can apply for confirmation of Associateship/ Fellowship by submitting an application and payment of fees Rs.1000+ GST through the "Verification" module in the login page.

Applications from World Education Services (WES) and other similar institutions related to any active member of the Institute can be submitted through the Company/ Non-member login and accessing the "verification" module. Fees applicable for application within and outside India are Rs.500 + 18% GST and Rs.2000+ 18% GST respectively

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