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About CB3

Business Awareness Online Module involves students taking part in a ten day online business game, and submitting seven completed exercises further taking the online examination. Students will be required to do advance study involving online tutorials, and also an online exam following the ten days business game.

What does this subject cover?
The main content of this practical exam involves looking at:
  • Industry developments and challenges - an overview covering all practice areas.
  • Strategic thinking - case studies and problem solving techniques.
  • Business game - supporting the learning objectives of the course.
  • Professionalism and ethics - principles and case studies.
  • Personal development - an overview of lifelong learning and work based skills.
  • Legal principles.
Based on these students are required to do some advance study, which should take approximately 20 hours. This consists of:
  • Online tutorials.
  • Reading material to prepare for the business game.
  • A case study to analyze on strategic thinking.
It is essential that students carry out all the advance work.
By the end of the ten day business game students are required to submit their seven completed exercises.

The formal exam will be available to the students after completing the business game, and should take less than two hours to complete.
The students need to pass this exam in order to pass CB3, demonstrating that the students understood the principles covered in the online tutorials and the business game.

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