Syllabus : Year 2024

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CS1 Actuarial Statistics CS2 Risk Modeling and Survival Analysis
CM1 Actuarial Mathematics CM2 Financial Engineering and Loss Reserving
CB1 Business Finance CB2 Business Economics
CB3 Business Management  


CP1 Actuarial Practice CP2 Modelling Practice
CP3 Communications Practice  


SP1 Health and Care SP2 Life Insurance
SP4 Pension and Other Benefits SP5 Investment and Finance
SP6 Financial Derivatives SP7 General Insurance Reserving and Capital Modelling
SP8 General Insurance - Pricing SP9 Enterprise Risk Management


SA1 Health and Care SA2 Life Insurance
SA3 General Insurance SA4 Pension and Other Benefits
SA7 Investment and Finance  

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Additional Core Reading Material for SA level subjects

The syllabus objectives are meant for creating and building up Knowledge, Applications and Higher order skills for students under various scenaros and situations involving risk and uncertainty based on Core foundations of Statistics, Probability, Mathematics, Economics, Analytics, Modelling, Finance and Investment.

The Syllabus covered under Four stages of subjects, viz., Core Principles (7 subjects), Core Practices (3 subjects), Specialist Principles (7 optional subjects out of which any 2 compulsory), Specialist Advanced (5 optional subjects out of which 1 compulsory).

Core Principles include Core Statistics (2 subjects), Core Mathematics (2 subjects) and Core Business (3 subjects). Each of Core Statistics and Core Mathematics subject include a theroy (Part A)

and a Practical (Part B)exam, the practical exams based on Modelling in R and Excel.

Core Practices include, Actuarial Practice, Modelling Practice and Communications Practice

Specialist Principles stage offer subjects Health & Care, Life Insurance, Pension and Other Benefits, Investment and Finance, Financial derivatives, General Insurance Reserving and Capital Modelling, General Insurance Pricing.

Specialist Applications level offer subjects, Health & Care, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Pension and Other Benefits, Investment and Finance

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