Admissions FAQ

Admissions FAQ no text

1. Whether the documents to be scanned and uploaded are to be self-attested.

Yes, the self-attested photocopies of the documents are to be scanned and uploaded.

2. Are the study material available in Hard copy or Soft copy

Answer: The study material is available in soft copy and for details click here

Study material is available in hard copy too but for limited locations and for details click here

3. What are the details of the Actuarial examination and respective fees of the actuarial examination?

Details of Actuarial Examinations and fees are available on IAI website and for details click here

4. Subject required to become Associate or Fellow member of Institute of Actuaries of India.

Associateship: Student member who have passed/been exempted all Core Principle series (CS 1 & 2, CM1 & 2,CB1,CB2,CB3) and all Core Application series (CP1 to CP3) subjects is eligible (on application) to become Associate Member of the Institute.

Fellowship: A Student member should have passed all the prescribed examination of IAI or should have been exempted from one or more subjects as per rules [Core Principle (CS1 & 2, CM1 & 2, CB1, CB2, CB3–Seven Papers), Core Practices (CP1 to CP3 – three papers), Specialist Principle (SP0, SP1, SP2, SP4 to SP9 -Any two out of eight) and Specialist Advanced (SA1 to SA7-any one out of five)]

5. Is there any age limit to pursue this course?

There is no age limit to pursue this course.

6. What are levels of certification for Actuaries through IAI?

Associateship and Fellowship

7. What is the degree awarded after doing the actuarial course? Is it an undergraduate or post course?.

Answer: Fellowship certificate is awarded after completion of the actuarial course. This is a correspondence and Professional Course.

8. If candidate fails in any actuarial subject then is there any limit to reappear the examination of that subject?

Answer: There is no limit to reappear for the actuarial examination for the subject not cleared by the student.

9. Is there any exemption for Student Membership admission?

Answer: Note on Enhancement of IAI Student Membership (Non ACET route) details is available on IAI website and for details click here

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