General Information

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This is to inform to IAI members that the study material for year 2019 examinations is being made live with following details:

  • Study material (Combined Material Pack) will be provided in Hard copy format for all the subjects.
  • Due to data security reason sale of soft copy has been stopped till further notice.
  • The Study material includes the Course Notes, Series X assignments & solutions and Practice Questions assignments.
  • The Study material for the CS and CM subjects will exclude the Paper B, which students may purchase directly from Actuarial Education Company, if required.
  • Purchase of new study material is compulsory for every student who wishes to register for the Examinations under Curriculum 2019 except SP & SA level where students may have already purchased study material under old syllabus.
  • The study material will be dispatched in approximately 15 days from the date of order. However IAI shall try to dispatch the material at the earliest.
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