About the program

Actuarial examinations conducted by IAI have set the bar high which require the students to prepare with rigor and diligence. However, success in these exams goes beyond just preparation and high order learning skills. Those who excel typically demonstrate a strategic approach during the three-hour exam window, mastering core concepts and principles and adeptness at examination craft.

Despite thorough knowledge and preparation, students may not succeed as planned. Even the most competent candidates could falter in constrained exam conditions. Having a focused approach and being aware of areas to work upon is the key to success. The Institute in its quest to support student members has launched a counselling program aimed at assisting all those who are hungry to succeed, availing Student support scheme and those not successful in 2023 examinations.

Counselling Methodology

The counselling sessions are designed to last up to one hour per student, ensuring a focused and personalized interaction between the student and counsellor.

The counsellor will delve into specific concerns or queries the student may raise, and offer feedback, clarifications, and guidance on enhancing performance and further developing their skills.

Counselling will be conducted by subject matter experts who are equipped to empathetically assist students tide over academic concerns and offer valuable insights.

The counselling sessions will take place virtually via Microsoft Teams

Program Schedule

The counselling program is expected to commence tentatively on February 20, 2024. Specific details on days and timings will be communicated to members well in advance, based on the availability of subject experts for respective subject.


CS, CM & CB subjects

One thousand five hundred only (₹ 1,500) per subject

CP, SP and SA series

Four thousand only (₹ 4,000) per subject
Registration menu at Login to IAI>>Counselling
Registration opens on 31 January 2024; 03.00PM.
Registration closes on : 10 February 2024; 06.00PM.


Point of contact for all related queries: Mr. Ravindra Mastekar at: 022 62433348 or ravindra@actuariesindia.org

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