15th Global Conference of Actuaries

15th Global Conference of Actuaries

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Hotel Grand Hyatt
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Day 1 - 18th Feb 2013

C1: Concurrent Sessions on Health Care Insurance

C1.1: Health Insurance penetration in India   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: J. Meenakumari, HoD (Actuarial) - IRDA (India)

  • Speakers:
  1. Rob Leonardi, Head of Regional Markets, Asia Pacific, Munich Health (Singapore)
  2. Anuj Gulati, MD & CEO – Religare Health Insurance Company Limited (India)
  3. Krishnan Ramachandran, COO, Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company Limited (India)
  4. Alam Singh, Asst. Managing Director - Milliman (India)

C1.2: Health Reforms in USA and lessons for India   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: Richard  Kipp, Consulting Actuary - Milliman (USA)

Topic 1: Sandeep Patel, CEO CIGNA TTK Health Ins Company, India

Topic 2: Risk Management in a guaranteed issue world

  • Speakers:
  1. Jim Oatman,Senior Vice President, McKinsey Healthcare Revenue Solutions, USA

C1.3: Health Portfolio   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: Sandeep Patel, MD & CEO, Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company (India)

Topic 1: Claims Volatility in Health Portfolio Topic

Topic 2: Long Term management of Medical Portfolios

  • Speakers:
  1. Herbert Meister, Chief Actuary - Asia Pacific, Munich
  2. Health(Singapore)SioWeam Leong, Director | Regional Products Actuary, Medical Insurance | Life & Health Swiss Reinsurance, Singapore
  3. Zhee Chong Koh, Product Actuary, Regional medical pricing team, Swiss Re, Singapore

C1.4: Regulating Health Insurance Business – Aspects & Issues   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: Rajesh S,Swiss Re(India)

  • Speakers:
  1. Alan Watts, Vice President, Health Insurance for RGA International Corporation (Mexico)
C2: Concurrent Sessions on Pension, Employee Benefits & Social Security

C2.1: Round Table   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: Jamil Khatri, Global and India Head - Accounting and Advisory Services, KPMG (India)

Topic: Expensing Employee Benefit costs, impact of assumptions and issues around assumptions setting

  • Speakers:
  1. Anuradha Sriram, Head - Employee Benefit Consulting, Towers Watson (India)
  2. Danny Quant, Head – Employee Benefits Asia, Milliman (Singapore)

C2.2: Defined Contribution Investment Decisions   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: A Balasubramanian, Counsulting Actuary(India)

Topic: Defined Contribution Investment decisions – a tool for meeting conflicting Objectives

  • Speakers:
  1. Guy Chennells, Product Marketing Actuary, Old Mutual Corporate (South Africa)

C2.3: Employee Benefits – India and Beyond   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: Sandip Shrikhande, Sr. VP Head of Group insurance, Kotak Mahendra Old Mutual Life Insurance (India)

  • Speakers:
  1. Kulin Patel, Director - Employee Benefit Consulting, Towers Watson (India)
  2. Neil Narale, Leader - Actuarial off shore Team, Mercer (India)

C2.4: Employee Benefits Consulting: Professional Conduct Issues   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: V Rajagopalan, Member - IAI advisory group on Professionalism,Ethics & Coduct(India)

  • Speakers:
  1. Dr. K Sriram, Consulting Actuary (India)
  2. K Subrahmanyam, Consulting Actuary (India)

C2.5: Financial Security in Retirement, A longivity Plan   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: J S Salunkhe, Consulting Actuary, Mercer (India)

Topic: Financial Security in Retirement, A longivity Plan

  • Speakers:
  1. Danny Quant, Head – Employee Benefits Asia, Milliman (Singapore)
C3: Concurrent Sessions on Life Insurance

C3.1: Round Table: Persistency, various facets and impacts   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: Sudhin Roy Chowdhury, Member (Life Insurance), Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (India)

Topic: Persistency – the case for best practices

  • Speakers:
  1. Marielle Theron, Non-Executive Director, Max Life Insurance Co. Ltd, India. (Switzerland) Topic: Persistency and Valuation of Life Companies
  2. Sanket Kawatkar, Practice Leader (Life Insurance), Milliman(India) Topic: Persistency – Voices of the customer
  3. Chirag Rathod, Director & Appointed Actuary, Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance Co.(India)

C3.2: Life Insurance Markets   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: Tony Cheng, CEO- Asia, RGA Reinsurance Company (Hong Kong)

Topic: Life Markets in India and Indonesia in global perspective.

  1. Richard Holloway, Managing Director, South East Asia and India Life Insurance, Milliman (Singapore)

Topic: Future of Life Insurance

  1. Melanie Puri, Director, PWC (India)

C3.3: Life with Disability   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: J Meenakumari, Head (Actuarial), Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (India)

Topic: Key success factors in Disability Insurance

  • Speakers:
  1. Barry Hewett, Senior Actuarial Consultant, Munich Reinsurance Company Singapore Branch (Singapore)

C3.4: Indian Life Insurance – getting out of the quicksand   --   No Presentation

Chairperson: Avijit Chatterjee, Appointed Actuary, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance (India)

Topic: Magic 1

  1. T R Ramachandran, MD & CEO, Aviva Life Insurance Company Ltd (India)

Topic: Magic 2

  1. P Nandagopal, CEO, India First Life (India)
C4: Concurrent Session on General Insurance

C4.1: General Insurance in India – a view   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: M Ramaprasad, Member (General Insurance), Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (India)

Topic: A perspective on Indian General Insurance Industry in the Global Environment

  1. Ritesh Kumar, MD & CEO, HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Ltd (India)

Topic: Designing the Product that would be the APPLE of The Eyes of Customers & Partners

  1. Dr. Amarnath Ananthanarayan, MD & CEO, Bharti Axa General Insurance Co. Ltd (India)

C4.2: Actuarial Management of General Insurance Business   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: Gary Josephson, President – Casualty Actuarial Society (US)

Topic: Financial Condition Assessment of General Insurance Companies: Objectives and Practices around the world

  1. Tania Chakrabarti, Appointed Actuary, Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Co. Ltd (India)

Topic: General Insurance: Regulatory role of actuary - study across the globe and analysis of issues

  1. Tassos Anastasiou, Chief Actuary – Emerging Markets, RSA Group. (UK)

C4.3: Risks in General Insurance   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: Debashish Banerjee Service Line Lead, Actuarial, Risk & Advanced Analytics, Deloitte Consulting (India)

Topic: Flavours of Risks in General Insurance

  1. Nirav Patel, Principal Consultant, PWC (UK)

Topic: Future of non-life insurance and DFA tool.

  1. R Chandrasekaran, Secretary General – General Insurance Council, (India)

Topic: Use of credit info in UW and Pricing decisions

  1. Kenneth Cunningham Vice President, Analytics LexisNexis Risk Solution (US)

Topic: Economic Capital Modeling

  1. Charles Cicci, Specialist leader,P&C Actuarial Lead Deloitte Consulting (US); Co-Presented by Arijit Das, Manager, P&C Actuarial Deloitte Consulting (India)

Day 2 - 19th Feb 2013

Plenary Sessions
Plenary Sessions [1]

Topic - Enterprise wide Risks   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson :  Pashupati Kumar - Director, Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. (India)

  • Speakers:
  1. Frank Ashe, Associate Professor Macquarie University Applied Finance Centre (Australia)   Behavioral Economics: Biases and their impact on Judgment.
  2. Jill Hoffman, President of Singapore Actuarial Society (Singapore) Regulatory changes in Singapore and implications for Asia-Pacific.
  3. John Holden, CEO Canara HSBC OBC Life (India) Impact of the Digital Age
Plenary Sessions [2]

Topic - Evolving regulatory landscape and implications   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: Frank Ashe, Associate Professor Macquarie University Applied Finance Centre (Australia)

  • Speaker:
  1. Ashvin Parekh, Partner & National Leader-Global Financial Services - E & Y (India)
Plenary Sessions [3]

Topic - Money Market, Liquidity and Credit Crunch   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: Ashvin Parekh, Partner & National Leader-Global Financial Services - E & Y (India)

  • Speaker:
  1. Frank Ashe, Associate Professor Macquarie University Applied Finance Centre (Australia)
Plenary Sessions [4]

Topic -  Lessons from UK Actuarial Professions’ Project on Discount rate   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: Mark Freedman, President Elect –Society of Actuaries (US)

  • Speaker:
  1.   Charles Cowling, Managing Director – JLT Pension Capital Strategies (UK)
Plenary Sessions [5]

Topic - India: Global Destination For Service Delivery   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: V Balamurugan, JLT (India)

  • Speaker:
  1. Liyaquat Khan, Immediate past-President, Institute of Actuaries of India (India) Off shored Actuarial Work in India - Lessons from the recent Survey
  2. Ankur Agrawal, Head of Actuarial function at AXA Business Services (India) Challenges in actuarial service delivery out of India
  3. Tassos Anastasiou, Chief Actuary - Emerging Markets, RSA Group (UK) Remote view of, why off-shored actuarial work within India
Plenary Sessions [6]

Topic - Actuarial Frontiers   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: Gary Josephson, President - Casualty Actuarial Society, (US)

  • Speaker:
  1. Darryl Wagner, Principal, Deloitte Consulting (US) Advanced analytics and roles for actuaries to play.
  2. Pat Renzi, MG-ALFA Global Practice Leader, Milliman (US) Global trends in actuarial computing
  3. Michael Sherris, Professor of Actuarial Studies, University of New South Wales (Australia) Modelling and Managing Longevity Risks
  4. Moulay El Ghali El Boukfaoui, Vice President, Insurance Client Solutions Group, Numerix (US)  Economic Scenario Generators and Model Risk
  5. Marc Fakkel, Partner, Actuarial & Insurance Solutions practice, MCS Deloitte (UK) Actuarial model developments: How to implement change successfully
Plenary Sessions [7]

Topic - Insurance Markets: Reinsurance Solutions   --    Click here for Presentation

Chairperson: Philip Scott, President - Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, (UK)

  • Speaker:
  1. David Alexander, Head of Business Development, Asia - Swiss Re (Hong Kong) Reinsurance and Capital.
  2. Gavin Maistry, Munich Re (Singapore) Reinsurance - A tool for risk Management
  3. Jonathan Porter, SVP and Chief Pricing Actuary, International Markets, RGA International (Canada) Reinsurance Services to Grow and Optimize Protection Business
  4. David OBrien - Deputy Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Scor Re (Hong Kong)
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